2L TRAVEL is a women owned travel company that specializes in Leisure Travel. Creators of unique, perfectly-tailored travel experiences, we have over 20 years of travel industry. A number of our reps also have experience in worldwide destinations and are familiar with the unique needs of clients like you. And we’re passionate about detail and service.


Our founder Caroline is a Disney Ex-Cast Member and our role is to make sure that your travels are filled with special and magic moments. She started working in the travel industry as soon as she returned home from this incredible experience 20 years ago. 


We can offer both competitive rates and expert services that will help lower your costs while also exceeding the expectations when making travel arrangements.  


We believe traveling is much more than moving from one place to another. Discovering other cultures and lifestyles enriches anyone and our company is committed to transforming people’s lives through an amazing travel experience.


Be a part of our Happiness!

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