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Travel Expert & Published Author

I have always been passionate about travel for as long as I can remember. The hundreds of trips I've been on have ranged from quick weekend getaways to long journeys that changed my life and taught me lessons that I couldn't have learned in school. The opportunities I have to meet new people and experience different cultures never get old, and I've made lasting friendships all over the world.

It takes years of experience for a travel agent to instinctively know how to help someone choose the right destinations and itinerary based on their interests and personality. Being able to recommend that one special activity that will change someone's travel experience from "good" to "amazing" is a rare skill that I am proud to have developed over many years of helping thousands of customers plan their adventures.

Since then, I've been happy to watch my customer base continue to expand to the rest of the world as our reputation for providing amazing service has continued to spread.


Words can't describe how fortunate I've been to experience the world's beauty and wonder through my adventures. I'd love for you to join us!

Be a part of our happiness!

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