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The climate in Portugal is Mediterranean and much less severe than in the rest of Europe.

Portuguese cities are a charm. The century-old mansions and buildings give a very special atmosphere to the trip. From friendly alleys to breathtaking panoramic views, Portugal seems to have come out of a film.

You can be sure, Portugal first hooks you by the mouth. And it's not just cod that the cuisine here is made. You will find a huge variety of dishes, fish and seafood, cheeses and cold cuts to make you want to take everything back home, olive oils and sweets… Ah the sweets… They are just fantastic. We cannot forget about the wines, since some of the most famous wines in the world are produced here, such as Vinho Verde and Port.

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Portugal is a wonderful travel destination. You will find a place rich in culture, good cuisine, great wines and friendly hosts.

Portugal is waiting for you.

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